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⦁    Books will be issued for a week only.
⦁    Students returning books after due date will be charged Rs. 5/- per day as late time.
⦁    If any book is found damaged (torn leaves, scribble on the pages) the full price of the book will be realized from the student concerned.
⦁     Books issued should be returned to the library before a  long vacation   starts otherwise Rs.5/- per day will be charged as late fine.
⦁    If the library period happens to fall on a holiday, students will not be issued books on any other day of the week. In such cases, the issued books are to be returned on the next library day.
⦁    Students should enter the library one by one and keep silence during their stay there.
⦁    Students caught stealing books or magazines will have to undergo  severe punishment.
⦁    If the library membership card is lost, a new one can be made available on payment of Rs.10/-.


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