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About Us

Educating Students For Success In A Changing World

Divine Mission School Established In the Year 2013 and managed by the Vikash Bharati Educational Trust. DMS is Long Cherished Dream of Dr. Ashok Kumar Singh, honored by President of India for dedicating his entire life to shape student’s future. He believes in the ideologies of Dr. Rajendra Prasad of simple living with high thinking. His outlook about education is “Education is viewed as the prerequisite to good citizenship by deploying good  characters  like  responsibility, honestly  good listening and  kindness along with study and Skills “ He started the educational Institution combining the virtues of art and culture, which will endeavor to rise the integrated child who is not dwarfed by the consideration of Caste, creed, and community. DMS also takes care tolerance, integrity, moral and social responsibility about your environment.

The education imparted at DMS makes student to become smart in every field along with character and personality development. DMS is a school where every student, supporting staff and member of academics are important. Supporting staff and member of academics know their ability and expertise and work together in planned, purposeful way. Time to time meeting and seminars are conducted to enhance their ability and expertise. Parents are also encouraged to take part in school’s   support group.

Our Ambition is to dedicate our self to the development of  the mighty  country  through  Education. Our believe every child is impressionable, volatile, sensitive and affectionate. So they require,  A teacher who would understand him/her and act as a true guide, friend, and  Philosopher. We make the environment where learning is non- restrictive.

Divine Mission School  inaugurated  by  Mr. Vidyut Varan Mahato (M. P of  Jamshedpur) and Mr. Saryu Rai ( M.L.A  of  West Singhbhum)

Staff Details


  • Tolerance and Diversity

  • Co- Operation

  • Truthfulness

  • Discipline and Self Control

  • Concern of  Environment

  • Leadership Skill and all Round Development


  • Make School Atmosphere  Learning

  • Differentiated in-depth and chesive  learning  programs

  • Skill Based and Application based Education from Middle School onwards

  • Highly effective teaching, focused on improving students outcomes

  • Sowing sense of  Moral and social Responsibilities

  • Encourage good role Models

  • Send out into the world, where they feel confident and capable of realizing their potential as they grow, learn and evolve into worthy citizens 

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